The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It seems that no matter how hard I try "stuff" seems to pile up! 

Desktop files, stuff in the fridge that needs throwing out, my organised cupboards getting messed up ( be able to find things where I left them!!)  hardcopy filing, little tasks that keep being put off, things I haven't unpacked in my wardrobe, my bathroom shelves....etc etc etc

This year I promised myself No Rushing and no putting things off because the result is always organised chaos that clutters my mind and disturbs my flow at work.

So today my intention is: Create mental space by getting on top of all the little things.

Dave is working today and the kids are both busy so I'm going to use the time to stay away from work and potter around the house getting on top of things, planning meals, shopping, pre-cooking, filing, tidying and organising.  

I'm looking forward to the end result!

Its going to be HOT here today so I'm heading to the gym early, will have my massage after that then head home and get stuff done.

Today's Practices will be: Exercise, Journaling & Reading.

I started the day with a green smoothie and will continue these each day as well.

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