The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, this is going to be a challenge for sure!

A little bit about myself

21 year old openly gay male, full time labourer, and football (soccer) fanatic!

Basically my life is like anyone elses, work Monday - Friday, pay bills enjoy social life.

I saw this challenge and thought, this is a great chance for me to document my life and see the changes that occur within 100 days.

over the next 100 days and each blog/video i post up, will basically go over what i did that day and/or how my goals are going.

This will be my official checklist...

By day 100...

1. Get back into shape

- An easy one as i can easily get back but keeping in a routine will be the hard part.

2. financially stable.

- A tough one, is possible but need to find a place where i know i am safe with money

3. Get money for cruise

- an add on for number 2 but a different thing as this will be a hard challenge not to spend the money i have saved

4. complete and maintain all goals by day 100

Not the worlds most interesting blog to read but over 100 days, let's hope things change!!

The next 100 days will be a tough ask but I am willing to commit to this and see how this can affect my life!

See you all tomorrow


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Comment by kelly on July 12, 2010 at 10:57am
All the Best With your goals,, and Intentions Have a Super wonderful Season;

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