The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 1: Kicking off Season 1 with a Big-O YEPPPEEE

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                 I am here, the failure of many seasons, but I have come back to start a new. This season 1 will be my successful one, as if  I have never been here before. To start, I am a believer in God, and Jesus, because without them I wouldn't be here, nor have the blessings that I do in my life. Now, some people see a negative thing( which I have once or twice) and feel there can no way a God or this Universe that truly loves them and wants to bless them with MANY blessings.

   I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on Christmas of all days, 2013. I was in the UCI all Christmas without food, waiting for the insulin the hospital have given me to kick in...which it did after midnight the day after Christmas, and that dry turkey sandwich I was finally given never tasted so good.  Skip ahead a few months Endocrinologist is surprised I am adjusting to this new life style we Type 1's now have to face. He asks me "What made you so successful."

Shooting an eyebrow up I say," I want to be healthy, in the best way possible." Sure, getting diagnosed on Christmas might not be what I had wished for in the form of gifts, but I kinda of got the clue from Heaven that if I wanted to have my dreams and live my life in success then finally getting diagnosed from the illness I was feeling that led to me collapsing on the floor on Christmas Eve was the best gift God could have given me, because I am alive today. I don't write this to bring negativity, but to shed light on a dark moment in the life that brought me the greatest gift...a second chance at being alive, because who knows what would have happen if I had just kept ignoring the symptoms and just brushed them off....but I am not worried about what would have been, but what I can do to show God how to live the life he gave me, the best way I know just asking God to help me to Bless me with the few things I am trying to improve in this already AWESOME life. Here go nothing, I am kicking off this Season 1 with a YEPPPEE!!   

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Comment by Chiara on April 2, 2016 at 3:53am

:) I have loved reading your post. I got my breast surgery 10 days before Christmas and my Birthday, the news had a big effect in destroying a lot of my plans fo rthe next year (a bit like the tower card in the tarot), but I felt that it was the help of a good angel to make me feel the nodule on time, and push me to go to check it quickly. They gave us a chance to live this life for longer :) and now our intention is to make the most of it, enjoy every second, bring meaning, neve complain much but savor all the little bits with gratitude. It s an awesome life I agree with you. I send you all my support with your new season 1. 1 of many :) Lots of love 


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