The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season three
My top Goals for Season 3
1. Shed 15+ pounds start weight 134.5 goal 119.5 or lower eating right, exercising and drinking plenty of water.
2. Save in my savings account the money I stay in the black monthly for a trip to ireland
3. Write what went well Gratitudes daily
4. Give daily in some way to others daily
5. Cook and Bake for my Family Make Meal Times Special
6. Create and Share my Gifts
7. Make Money in Fun and Easy Ways
8. Learn how to do a swimming turn at the end of the pool lane
9. Make my Husband and Children Feel loved and Appreciated
10. Practice Self Love and Live Each Day as a Adventure and a Gift

11. Read and do the 40 day may cause miracle book

12. 30 day push up challenge

13. 100 day exercise 30 min a day challenge

14. make a playlist of my favorite 80 songs of the 80''s

15. keep track of my spending in a spending app

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