The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi All,

I missed the original start, so I am making today Sepetember 9 the start of my 30 Day Massive Change Challenge. So here goes:

1. I want to all the necessary painting and decorating work done on my house to get it listed for sale by the end of the challenge. Along the way I will uncover and become aware of my self sabotage and procrastination that has prolonged the completion of the work the past 8 weeks.

2. To finally get my website up and running once and for all and again gain awareness of my self sabotage and procrastination.

3. Start regular walking at least one mile a day five times a week and progress to jogging the distance. Once again addressing my self sabotage and procrastination.

4. Start having fun in my life, incorporate fun and play into my life.

5. Find a great job that I love and am passionate about and pays me well!

6. Resolve my apparent love of Procrastination and self Sabotage and create a new more proactive and action oriented Carol.

Those are my Massive Change Challenges for this 30 days!

Thank you for starting this great action.

Namaste Carol x

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Comment by Love Life on September 9, 2010 at 10:18pm
All the best with your Massive Change Challenge with Love :)
I'm doing it too, starting tomorrow!!

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