The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 1 of my season 6: Moving to Ottawa by intuition - I don't know the city though!

This season is starting full of expectations.

I'm certainly very tired for my heavy season at work, but in spite of that, I have found by intuition that Ottawa will be my next city and hopefully the last one!

I have been guided to it by intuition - many 'signs" around, and I want to think they mean something.

I'm full of expectation, unsure of what will happen but very positive with the change.

I'm moving without knowing the place or people who lives there,

I have friends in Montreal and my dream is to settle down, to find a great job and to travel and enjoy more!

Taking care of my health and moving on!

Wow, sounds kind of scary but with divine guidance, all is possible!

Life is good!!

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