The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello my fellow co-creators :)!
Today I started my (2nd) Season 1. I feel a lot more focused on the goals I have chosen for the next 100 days.
In the next 100 days, I intend to manifest the following goals:
1. I will receive a promotion / new position at my place of work.
2. I will continue advancing my new band's goals, such as:
- finding a very dynamic, capable, motivated drummer to round out our sound.
- getting signed to a record label
- recording an album professionally
- playing shows around the local area
- going on tour in Europe
- going on tour in the US
3. Become completely financially independent
4. Learn how to mountain climb, and start to do all kinds of new outdoor activities, ideas? :)

Therefore, I am imagining all of these as already coming to fruition:
1. I already have a promotion at my job.
2. My band is going on tour, is signed to a record label, and is recording an album professionally.
3. I am completely financially independent
4. I know how to mountain climb.

Tonight I am going to start my daily Gratitude Journal. And first, I'd like to thank you for being alive and reading this. Life is more amazing every single day!


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