The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am very excited to be starting Season 1! My intention for the next 100 days is to attract massive amounts of wealth in my life. I want to let go of financial struggle (real and perceived) and allow more flow in my life. I want to triple the business that I do on Ebay and get my internet marketing company set up and making a profit. I intend to boost my credit score by at least 50 points. I'm also looking to manifest a Disney vacation for my family this summer. I am contemplating a move and would really love to make that happen. I intend to figure out where my heart really wants to be and have the financial freedom to move there effortlessly.

I also want to shake the negative feelings that I experience on a daily basis. I want to rid my life of guilt, anxiety, depression, grief and anything else that does not feel like love. I want to be a deliberate creator and focus on only positive thoughts that uplift me, instead of tuning in to all of the negative. I intend to be in charge of my thoughts and feelings, and instantly redirect when negative thoughts cross my path.

Every day I intend to watch my Mind Movie (video visualization tool), view my vision board, say positive affirmations, meditate before bed, and practice Emotional Freedom Technique to clear anything that is blocking me from my inheritance. I will also focus on gratitude and appreciation for everything that I have and everything that I am in the process of receiving.

I am happy to be here among others who are trying to live a conscious life. I welcome all comments. Thank you for reading my blog. I can already feel the lower energy that I have been carrying around all these years beginning to dissolve. God bless!

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Comment by Blossoming Beauty on February 15, 2012 at 7:03pm


Huge happy grin for Connie!! Dontcha just LOVE the feeling that surrounds you on these pages!!! JOY JOY JOY.

Enjoy your path gurlie, may it be filled with much laughter and joy!


Comment by Mona on February 10, 2012 at 4:21pm

Welcome dear Connie and thank you for sharing your intentions for the first 100 days. Here's to your happiness and unfoldment for your TRUTH! <3


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