The 100 Day Reality Challenge

day 1 season 1 : intervention and when to let go?

namaste beloveds! i thought of doing a vlog to introduce myself...but it's 10pm and i am way too lazy for that. i am, blogging instead. it works right? right!

wow! today, march 30, 2013...what a day. is anyone else feeling this intense energy? i know you must be because not only did i feel it but at least 2 of my friends are feeling it as well. i woke up feeling shitty but that quickly lifted when i had to play mediator for one of my closest friends who was really, really struggling. i mean on the ledge struggling. i mean frightened me struggling. he's been going through a really hard time for a really long time. and as much as i love him and as much as i try to support him it is becoming so difficult...

i've been doing so much work on myself personally and of course i go through my own hellish's hard enough lifting myself up. but i am really doing the work. any and everything to shift into my highest self {hence why i joined this challenge}. my friend is trying but honestly i don't really see that he is willing to do whatever it takes. he tends to justify his choices and put himself in the same dire situations over and over again. it's almost like watching someone {you really love} cut them self in the same spot over and over again. harsh.

but i'm not making judgments. i guess what i really want to say is knowing that each and every relationship in your life is a reflection of the relationship that you have with yourself, when do you let go? when do you say i can't handle having the same conversation over and over again? i see a lot of myself in him so having these conversations with him brings clarity and light to my shadow side. sometimes it's honestly freaky how similar we are. i want to continue to support him but i also want to continue to grow and heal myself.

at times life seems so complicated and full of so much pressure. i know what its like to have someone you love leave you in the middle of your darkest days and i would never do that to my friend...but i need a healthier way, for both of us, to deal with these moments of despair.

one tactic i thought of using is to shift the conversation. and keep the conversation brief. i'm attempting to do this with my own negative self talk as much as's definitely a practice but like anything you only get better with practice. so next time i speak to him i'll let you know how that tactic goes.

any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated. and if you felt out of sorts today i'm curious to hear your experience.

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