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My journey of awakening begins today, so hopefully I can get to know the inner me and just what it is I seek and need in the present for a brighter future. I never had the word "Changes" on here until last night when the word kept popping up everywhere, so I'm going with that now and we'll see where it takes us.

Currently I'm being faced with a lot of life issues and some very hard/big decisions. I know change is eminent, I just don't know what type. I'm hoping that the Universe will give me a sign and a big push in the direction I need to go. I'm also going to college finally and know this is another start of my change.

Self, this was a hard one but in that past year I totally lost myself. I have completely stepped out of who I use to be and am just drifting. I need to find myself and my soul once again. I really do miss me, if that makes much sense. In doing this I want to discover all about myself, I do know that I want to lose some weight (at a healthy rate) and look great doing it. I want to hear phrases like: wow you look great, or you've got thin, etc. Not words like you're fat or need to lose weight, these are already things I know. I also want to be treated more like a woman and less like a mom, including looks. (I may be the mother to four, but that also means I'm definitely a woman and want to be shown that)

Love, this goes without saying. Who doesn't want love in their life, right? Sure I got the husband and the kids but I want the lover. The one person to tell me everything will be just fine, that I'm number one and how beautiful I am...inside and out. I want to be treasured, loved, spoiled a bit, thought of first, etc. I don't want to only go outside when it is time to go shopping or out to eat. Be proud to show me off, hang out with me, spend time. I want to laugh, smile, share with, romance, be loved.

As for money, I need to manifest a great deal of money. At first I was thinking small like $2000 a month but now I've read people stating I should try biggers so for starters I need about $10,000 just to begin getting out of debt and caught up with bills by the end of next month. I want this to be addressed to me though, not the husband. After that I'll need more for the big move, not sure where I'm moving to just yet though.

Family comes first, I want this family to get out of the struggle and into a happier life. No more worries, or wondering what if, etc. I want security for us.

I want peace and happiness and I think that just about does it for now. Funny since at first I only had a few ideas and once i started here today the words just came out, so maybe there is some inner me trying to get out and tell me what it is I need and want. What do you think? My first goal is coming up.

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Comment by JJ on January 27, 2009 at 12:35pm
Hi Homemom Thats a very powerful first post, I wish you peace & inner calm to help you clarify & achieve all that you dream of for you & your family. Just take little steps each day & you'll be well on your way before you lnow it. Reading Veronike's post it seems you have a good buddy there. All the best to both of you & enjoy the ride. JJx


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