The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day one.
And it really feels like it is a new day.
I have the last days been writing intensely
and gone to bed 04.00 or 05.00 in the morning and got up again
at 10.00!
I must have dreamt something this night, because I was really sad when I woke up.
I understood that I had to get rid of some comment in my head that someone hurt me with
and I did a meditation and felt better , but was absentminded the whole day. Sometimes emotions
are heavy work but if I want to meet someone, my soulmate, I need to get the emotional garbage out!

I am surprised to say that most of my goals for Season 17 are beauty related!
I looked at internet what kind of products others recommend and then I went shopping yesterday and today.
I am getting a short class in make up, bought some totally other hair and skinproducts, cleaned out old stuff in
wardrobe and bought 4 peaces of clothes which goes with what I already have. I thought long and hard about
what my style is like and I came to some nice new 4 pieces :)
Soon I am starting aerobic.
Have done a minimum of sun tanning.
All I need is a new hairstyle, haven't found it yet, but I am searching.

Goals are:
writing and concluding two texts
(A third will be in season 18...)
starting doing acting exercises
AND getting enough sleep!!

That's all for now
Take care you all!!

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