The 100 Day Reality Challenge

HEllo my dear co creators!!


I closed my season 2, I didnt fullfill all my goals, but ii gives me energy to start again!!'


Today is a special day! I start my diet, I have some nice apps ( i recommended to you):

- visionboard app

- gratitude app (oprah loves it too)


I write every day in my diary what i will fulfill and I will life to it!


I love my life also the bad moments, because bad is also good!


I hope you will support me again!!


Today I start also with the lessons of the masters of the secret, I love the first audio with Bill Haris en Joe Vitale!


My goal for today:

Im totally zen, totally relax and happy with my situation

I love myself, I love my bf, i love my pets, i love my family, i love my friends, i love my collegues, i love everyone(so also animals!!)!!!

My clean house, the lessons, my inspiration gives me so much energy!! so much that I will fulfill this season!!


I will enjoy!! 



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Comment by Lori on February 20, 2011 at 12:50pm

Congratulations on starting a new season!  It sounds like season 2 was successful.  Sometimes it's the goals that we do complete which really matter!! Have a great day!!!

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