The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I feel that it is time for a new Season, so here I am. Even when I am not on this site, blogging about my progression, I am still always on a journey of co-creation using the law of attraction to create a life of my dreams. However, I find that when I write on here and record my journey I am more lilkely to hold myself accountable to the things that I say I am going to do. It also makes the journey a more conscious one and allows me to keep track of what is unfolding in my life. I also love the uncondtional support that is available in this amazing community.

I feel drawn to start a new season as I am intending to create some new things in my life over the next 3 months, so a new 100 reality challenge will support this perfectly.

For so long I have had big dreams, but I have kept them so close to my chest in fear that I was not good enough for them. I have not shared them with people, or dared to try to create them. They have been my little secrets. But I now feel that it is time to shine. I can feel that there is an energy in our planet at the moment that is transforming us, and is calling us to follow our true potential. I do not think it is possible to live in fear and darkness anymore without suffering, so it is time to let my light shine.

I want to be really honest on here about what my dreams are for my life and what I am wanting to create over the next 100 days. I want to be really clear about what I want, but at the same time, I want to focus alot on the essence of what I want and how I want to feel rather than the specific form it must come in.

Over the next 100 days I will be focusing on:
  • Moving from Melbourne to Sydney (Australia) in January 2011. This is going to be a smooth and effortless transition. I lived in Sydney for 6 years and I have been back in Melbourne for a year and a half. There are 2 things I need to assist my move. One is a job, and the other is a house. So, over the next 100 days I will be getting really clear on what I am wanting to create and I will be attracting all the opportunities, people, events, things and places that will enable a smooth transition.
  • Getting on to my dream career path. My dream career involves me having my own practice as a life coach, a yoga teacher, a writer, a healer with some form of nutrition or body therapy as well. I am wanting to start the transition by doing some more study and at the moment I am a little unclear what the next best step is. I am wanting to take action on this soon so I am hoping to create a clear path of what to do to start the transition
  • Part of my dream career involves writing. I have a blog called a life of perfect days where I write about happiness, life creation, self development, spirituality and all that type of stuff. I would love to grow my blog following from 75 to 100 followers over the next 100 days. I would also love to write more and to start having my wirting appearing in other places as well.
  • Growing my new relationship. I have started seeing someone, but he lives in Sydney. We are seeing eachother about once a month at the moment, and although the distance is hard, I am really enjoying being with him. It has been a while since I have been in a relationship, so over the next 100 days I would really like to see the relationship grow and to see our connection get deeper
  • Saving money. I am doing really well at saving at the moment, and I have a figure in mind that I would like to have saved by the end of the year. I am intending to buy a car or use this money to pay for some form of training/study so I am going to focus on continuing to increase the money flowing in to my savings account.
  • Health. I have been taking really good care of myself lately and I am very proud of it. I eat really well and up until recently I was exercing alot. I had been training for a 14km run, and I was running for an hour 4 times a week. But since that race my training has dropped off and so has my healthy eating a bit too. I intend to get back on track with that before the Australian summer starts
  • Yoga. I want to train as a yoga teacher but I need to get in some more practice first. I have started doing yoga classes at home that I have downloaded from yoga download. I intend to start doing these 3 times per week.
So, that is a good start. I will be more specific about these intentions as the journey unfolds. I have also started recording video blogs on my computer at home and I would like to start uploading them on to CCOR too!

Love and Light Co Creators

Connie xxxxxxxxxxx

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Comment by mzEZrider on September 19, 2010 at 6:24am
Yes! Upload the videos, we would LOV to see them :)

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