The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 1 - Season 9 Things I'm grateful for...

1. The great decision to wake up and sleep with Louise Hay affirmations !

2. The possibility to exchange my debt to a longer date, with less interest! YAY!!!

3. To be able to open my biz without delay!
4. Today I bought cheaper books of same quality of new one's, so I could buy much more

5. I had a delicious meal!

6. My ability to forgive.. in the process to release the past!

7. I love love love my apartment, its comfy, small and so full of light! (Just thinking how to add the prosprity and spirtual seal on it...probably some pictures, candles in some specific places and my angel messages)

8. I'm a loved person, I'm really enjoying my single status, and if for any reason I have no childre, I'm so thankful for this life time to learn to love myself full time!! 

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