The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 1
September! The golden month. I have great plans for this month. Somehow the summer escaped from me. Don't know how it happened but it sort of slipped through my fingers. Yes, I have plans. I love making lists and organizing all those thoughts and ideas and inspirations racing around my head. Putting them on paper makes it feel like I am taking the first step towards accomplishing them:)
The problem is that I have too many plans. All for different areas of my life! Do I chip away at them all or throw myself into one area at a time? Ah choices. One of my goals is to tackle my health! Starting today! Time to put away the bagels and beer:) Polish the soup pot and shake the spiders out of my exercise togs!
My daughter and I have embarked on a wee project inspired by the movie Julia and Julie. (LOVED IT) We are both Jamie Oliver fans and have a few of his books. She has decided to cook her way through Jamie's Food Revolution as a way of learning her way around the kitchen. It's a great cookbook full of basic simple and delicious meals. I love the inside layout of that book. Our first meal was the just the other night and it was GREAT! She marked inside the book with the date and rated the recipes made and so it begins. We are (I am) thinking of starting another blog maybe just for that. Maybe over on the Jamie Oliver website. Oh dear, yet another commitment. I can't stop myself! But that would just be some pics and the recipe made and a rating.
Here's to a wonderful month for all of us!

RAP DITTY NOVA SCOTIA here. Thanks for your vote:)

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Comment by Sara Brown on September 1, 2009 at 11:55am
MMM..sounds yummy. I liked the movie alot too. I looove lists as well; the hope of staying focused and on track with the satisfaction of checking things off. Don't be afraid to take baby steps forward, giving things time to really settle in and giving things the time they deserve.
Have a great season and I can't wait to hear how the cooking goes!

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