The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 10 - Feeling overwhelmed but keeping with the program.

Im feeling a bit overwhelmed with the goings on in life, but im really happy i am keeping up with the meditations affirmations and daily gratitude posting so im sure the feeling will pass.

Its only early days so perhaps its the committment to a process that feels overwhelming, im not sure.

Getting more sleep has not got to the top of my focus list yet, im still finding myself online late at night. When everyone is asleep seems to be the time i feel most at peace, when i feel the most creative and the most free to allow myself to go within.

Wonderful news though, I manifested a life mapping work book which came to me today and i feel really  grateful for it. One of my goals for my 100 day challenge was to get clarity on what my ideal life looks like, so this is really a step in the right direction towards that. thank you life, thank you rosetta @

I signed u for her 31 day reset program which requires me to spend between 30 -90 minutes daily working on developing my inner self. its a step by step program which today started with  chosing a mantra, and a theme song and a book to document it all.

My Mantra is : To acomplish something i have never done before i must push myself beyond my comfort zone, trust my instincts, PRACTISE and believe in myself.

My Theme song is: this little heart of mine, im going to let it shine.

here's to a greaet week ahead. sending love across the oceans  xxn

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Comment by Celine on January 15, 2012 at 7:26am

Wonderful Mantra! You are on the right path  : )

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