The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Ha, taking care of yourself is not as easy as I thought it would be, perhapes thats why I've gotten here. I feel myself getting stronger though. When I'm with my friends now a cheery side of me comes out that has been hidden in me for so long.

Although I still indulge in unhealthy foods my desire for them has decreased as I've increased my intake of nutritionally dense foods. I bought a whole fast food meal because I was in a hurry but as I was eating it I finally heard the trigger in my body that said 'this does not make me feel good and it dosn't even taste that good. I will stop eating this now'. As I'm not losing any weight I feel some guilt for not following a traditional diet plan but I know I've tried others only to bounce back to bad habits after restricting. I feel that this is more natural and intune with my body which is the point after all. Yet its hard to block out the desire to 'shred pounds' and be 'skinney' the way our society desires us to be.  


I picture myself eating and enjoying food that is healthy for my body and I see my body as stronge and healthy. My mind is balanced and my soul is full.


Have a beautiful day co-creaters!






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Comment by Seema Patel on January 27, 2012 at 10:24pm

You said it and you are right " I feel that this is more natural and intune with my body which is the point after all." You are on the right you feel better and better you will release the fat too. I use the affirmation "I am willing to release". Abraham Hicks says' extra fat in our body is just stuff that we are not releasing. Just keep on visualizing your beautiful body. Stay happy more and will soon see the new you.

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