The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Whooo HOOO!! sucess!! today i met a new cool friend!! yeah! another one...and a friend from high school lives in my town and found me and we might hang out too!! so friends are coming out of everywhere, the first one may be mooooore than a friend one day, but who knows. I was not gonna write anything tonight, but reading everyones posts inspire me to check in as many people are really jumping in to this its so awesome! so many people are just trying it for the first time and they are lost, eyes closed not sure what they are getting in to, but something pulls them here...i LOVE IT!!  I have been doing an awesome job on my intentions, as you know i carry them in the car with me so where ever i go i remember to care for my thoughts as well...sometimes it feel silly, or stupid to always say these things to myself, but then again...why not!!?? what else am i gonna do while driving, listen to the radio? might as well plan ahead for my future, so i remember my little cards.." think and feel what you want, and the universe will correspond to the nature of your song" things like that remind me to always cultivate good thoughts and feelings for no apparent reason....weird stuff starts to happen, like i get on the freeway and RIGHT away there is two trucks next to me " Paradise landscape" and Faith Bumbers"  it felt to me that I was to imagine the landscape of my paradise FEEL it...never forget that...and have FAITH. as faith bumbers any thing that tries to push my positivity away... never forget that,  the universe is aligning with me and bringing me things to support my work in this vortex...and then this afternoon, this guy called that i am kinda making friends with..hung out with him and we got along really well :) yeah!! as I said a new friend. I am excited about where I am, and I am ready for more. CLARITY is my KEY. if things are moving to slowly, this reminds CLEAR, be CLEAR about what I am wanting and calling to me. THANK YOU UNIVERSE for being my partner in this..let me know what i can do for you, since you do so much for me. LOVE to all my cocreating friends xoxoxo you rock way way way more than u know! xoxo peace and good night!

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Comment by Jill on December 17, 2011 at 5:02pm

I hope all those that are "jumping in for the first time" read this blog of yours. Its marvelous. For that matter, I hope they visit your page and read all your blogs for this lovely season of yours.

"let me know what I can do for you"...I think you just did it Steff. Love this. Love you...J

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