The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today is my day 10!!! YEAH!!! I have been more comfortable in this high vibration and this is great!! I have had fun times with friends...NEW FRIENDS!!! I should give myself extra credit for that because that is what I supportive awesome people...I feel that a page is turning and I KNOW as I grow closer to 100 days BIG BIG BIG stuff is coming my way as I allow it.  I notice more abundance, I feel good about it, and I feel more comfortable accepting my a higher vibration, working to accept it more and more., allowing it more and more, I felt like before it was driping through a pin hole, now its streaming through a pin hole, and as the stream growing thicker and stronger the flow is more and the hole is now the size of a dime and gaining some momentum. I am learning to be accepting of myself, my progress, love myself as the outside world does..and those that don't I do not keep myself around them. Last night I cried to my best friend about some stuff from the past, and then I had a dream that I was using a GPS that was super confusing had parts missing and lead to no where....when I was trying to find my way to a house. So...I take that as mind is trying to make some sense of my crazy confusing past so I can leave it and walk forward...with dignity in to my present and future. I am pleased. I AM EXCITED!!!! CO CREATORS!!! YOU ARE AWESOME never forget how amazing you can do ANYTHING!!!!!!  XOXOXO

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Comment by Steffie Kay on May 6, 2015 at 12:49pm

OMG......... Light...seriously I am speechless. I do not know what else to say but yes yes yes and thank you. That is so beautiful and so true. And I thank you so much for telling me about your dreams, and that some boats are made to sink. I think I needed to hear that because..the hardest thing of all that I am letting go of is a friendship that may not have been as true as I thought it was. letting go of it is hard. But yes, I will remember that some boats are meant to sink and at the bottom of the ocean they belong.. that is truly the case I needed to hear that. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! and Jennifer, yes....Isn't incredible how our mind works!?!?! XOXOX  LOVE TO YOU BOTH. Thank you

Comment by Yogini Jeni on May 5, 2015 at 7:47am

YAY! I love how uplifting this is!! And Holy Transparent Dream about the GPS, eh??

Comment by Let there be Light on May 4, 2015 at 1:40am

Hey, Steffie,

Your vibe feels like ma' vibe :D and that rocks!

I like the expression "dripping through a pinhole", never heard that one, but it's so accurate to express something that's not flowing. It's nice how you drive it through a scale that goes up, and up, and up until you reach the positive momentum. I love abraham-hicks and I saw their emotional guidance system. Nice one!

You talked about dream and I feel they're really important: the crazier they are, the more information it gathers about guidance. Even when you're lost. I sand 'let it go' more times than I should for my age, but it's a process to live in the present, let go of the past. The more we grow, the more memories we have. (I feel this is kind of an inspired sentence ;)     ).

I wanted to share with you (since we're friend's here hihi) that I've been having "dreams" while meditating. I "dreamed" I saw a boat that was sinking (like the boat that sinks on the now extinct jaws ride in Disneyland). As this boat sank in the deep sea I felt peace. (which would be the opposite to my reaction in real life). In my mind I imagine the words 'let it go' and 'some boats are meant to sink. The bottom of the sea is where they belong'. Later I searched for the meaning of this dream and discovered a lot of stuff... Water represents the subconscious mind.

The next day of meditation the 'dream' continued. The boat sank until it reached a deep part of the sea where there as a part made of air. There the boat stopped. Stored in this place were the memories of my childhood. Crazy, huh? I started remembering many things I held on to in the past (pain I felt).

I think it's necessary to see what you're throwing in the trash when you're cleaning so you know what you did and what's happening, and why the place is clean. The same with our minds. ;)

What more can you figure out in your dream??! I advise you to try it. There's this simple technique of going back to the dream when you wake up and redoing it the way you want it to happen, so your brain can rewire the information.

anyways, this was a long post, but I felt the need to say all of it and I don't regret it :D.

I wish a wonderful pack of stuff in the days to come and a lovely journey full of self-love and being gentle with yourself as you go!



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