The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 100 and bringing love into the world

OK so my Day 100 was Feb 19th!

I haven't had much time to blog but that's a positive thing. I want to try and summarize what wonderful blessings and insights Season 1 has brought to me.

When I first began my main focus day to day was money. I wanted to bring more in to my life so that I didn't have the 'week before payday' blues, so that basically I didn't have to worry about spending.

Instead I learned about love and friendship. I think that is because I really desired to fully understand money and the flow of prosperity. And although I'm not where I'd most desire to be yet, I know that I am well on my way. It is said that in desiring something we are directed by our higher selves to learn (or remember) certain truths. I am sure that is what has happened to me. Money seemed such an immediate concern that I ignored the lack of love in my life. I am an independent person and always prided myself for that. But deep down I believed that love was difficult to come by, at least for me, so my beliefs about it mirrored the ones I had about wealth - that some people have a knack for getting lots of it but I always struggle.

I did enjoy some lovely unexpected gifts from the Universe, but the best is opening my heart to loving and positive people. And in so doing I think I've discovered something about my life purpose. My numerology number is 6 twice (or 6 and 33 depending on what system you like) which I explored in my Crystal Healing course. Six is the number of unconditional love, and what resonated deeply with me is that unless I am working to bring more love into the world, to experience and teach others about the nature of love, I am not really living my purpose. I discarded that idea once because I was feeling burnt out working with adults with learning disabilities. However my partner and i have just started fostering children on a respite (short break) basis and i love it! I like working with children who have emotional difficulties because the root is basically a lack of love, and its a blessing if I can help them love and respect themselves even a little bit more.

In my next 100 days I am going to be discovering What was I born to do? and then doing it!

Work is love made visible - Rumi

Love and light you all! Claudia x

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