The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 100 Hip hip hurray for my season first :-))))

Wow what an amazing 100 days it was for me. So many things happened since. I am looking and my list. I am in process of building my homeopathic business, and yesterday I registered my business name, after finishing it I got surge of energy I did happy crazy dance for few minutes and. My thoughts which initially was a fear based are now thought of me being successful, and being able to help other, my mission is too help my patient to find inner bliss with homeopathy.

My home situation change I can stay in my place which I love and I am feeling peaceful and it become my oasis again.

We got great car for amount we were prepared to pay.

I am more confident in group setting still prefer one on one situation but I enjoy new group setting and find easy to connect with new people which is awesome made few lovely friends in last 100 day thank you Universe for brining them to my life.

My base chakra is working and open and helping me with giving and receiving equally happy this is amazing it change my attitude to money I am not worried as I was I know all is well.

There is few things I will have to keep working on from this season like my hormonal health and clear health bill and I am looking forward to welcome a child to our life all in the right time.

The life is amazing I love the flow of it and I am learning to take my little paws from controlling  every little thing.

I am grateful for this journey and I am singing myself for second season. 

Thank you for inspiring me and doing your best, thank you for the groups which help me to concentrate on positive aspect of my life.

Love to you all co-creators :-)

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Comment by Aniamia on February 27, 2014 at 7:36pm

Haha soon, just not sure how to go about it do you delate all you post from last season and start new or keep adding ?

Comment by Sophia on February 26, 2014 at 5:44am

Good for you! I love reading post like this. Congrats on your new company!

When are you starting season 2? :)


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