The 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAY 100 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am overflowing with Gratitude today. A wonderful day was already guaranteed because it was the first Sunday back to the full choir schedule at my regular church gig, St Clements ( Not only do I make excellent money at this job, the music we sing is some of my favorite, and my colleagues are top-notch, world class musicians. And the Universe once again surprised me with its endless Abundance! One of my colleagues (and friend) brought a TON of veggies from his garden and generously offered them to anyone who wanted some. I made out like a bandit: I got two bagfuls of heirloom peppers and tomatoes and swiss chard. It was perfect timing too, because I missed the Farmer's Market yesterday, due to Yom Kippur obligations at my synagogue job :) And another good friend who I work with at Clems, who has exquisite and expensive taste in clothing, gave me two hand-me-down cashmere sweaters! WOW! Then tonight, after rehearsal, another colleague friend of mine took me out for a beer, because I had procured an audition for him with a friend of mine, who happens to be the artistic director of various organizations in Philadelphia :)) Fun!

On this, the last day of season 1, I assess my progress:

The goal - open a Wellness Center on the first floor of my home.

The "Old Me" would have forced the completion of this goal. I was ALL ABOUT forcing, controlling, and organizing myself around outcomes. The Now Me is content to know that I am on the Right Path toward that outcome, I must enjoy the Journey along the way. It's not about the goal... the goal may change... I'm not bounden to it. But, at the Present, I feel on Purpose when I am making strides toward this goal, so as long as it makes me feel on Purpose, I will keep at it. My only obstacle right now to achieving this goal is purely logistical: I need a handy man. So my Intention is to jump right into Day 1, Season 2 tomorrow with the same goal, open a Wellness Center on the first floor of my home, knowing that it won't take me the full 100 days. 

Gratitude for friends, colleagues, Mom & Dad, Poppy, surprises from the Universe, and Abundance that is ever-flowing.

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Comment by Chrystyna on October 7, 2014 at 10:31pm

Congratulations Jenifer!!!!!

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