The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This is day 100 of my first season and feel really happy.
happy because I found this site,
happy because I have learned so many things about nutrition, raw food, writters, goals settings,..
happy because I have new friends from all over the world with the same desire as me to fulfill their goals and intentions.
happy because I acomplished 30% of the goals I stated and some of the other ones are on the way.
happy becaused even though I posted not so many blogs, their opened my mind and my heart to new ideas and inspired a desire to get the best of life now.
happy because in dark moments as when I had my car accident, I found there was one goal I didnt even think about it: having a loving relationship.
happy because I have health, Anahily my niece is living with me and she is doing just great, a loving family, my parents are alive, I have very good friends and an excellent job that lets me set an income as high at the sky.
Im really, really happy because at this moment of my life I feel like a playing pool, if I hit a billiard ball I would hit many others as well that would make a very good play!!!
the play of life

the best of life for all.

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