The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Completion of another one hundred days and I feel and Love even stronger:) Questions have been raised within myself through self-examination and answers have been given..It has been a journey of letting go and letting God..First letting go of, but, never forgetting all the things learned and taught that had me trapped in old habits of not giving or showing myself worth..The work I have been doing on confronting issues of my past, getting to the root of things that are troubling me now has grounded me and made me a lot stronger...It's never forgetting who you are, but, more adjusting to who you have become that makes the journey easy or hard..but, always worth it in my opinion:)

Finding unconditional love in my husband has been the foundation to all of these glorious changes that have been happening..He helped me to really go through self -examination instead of keep me in the loop about life like so many others I know..Releasing old patterns and always knowing that we are apart of God and are designed for each other has been a true foundation and Path to God..Through Love is where the gateway to God..Because God is Love:) Taking care of my husband and children as well as teaching and nurturing them:) We all can learn from each other and they have proved that FACT!! :-)

My body and soul have really stepped it up this season:) My body gives me physical signs of negativity that I am learning to not ignore..Ignoring it allows the feeling to muster into an unwanted negative feeling which in turn, becomes a negative emotion..I have learned that what others see as weaknesses in me are actually strengths...I have come to realize that I an Empath and Hypersensitive..Not sure if they are the same but, I am learning how to protect my energy field:)

I definitely am taking 100% responsibility for my Life:)
Thanks friends for taking this journey with me:) Peace and Love..

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Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on May 1, 2009 at 12:34pm
Angela, congratulations!!! :)))))))))))))


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