The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I woke at  2.30 A.M. this morning after dreaming about a spa package for my business, I instantly wrote it down, the name the inclusions. This has never happened to me before.  

I had been instructed to listen to my dreams but until this time nothing had happened, then suddenly I dream and  its' so clear that I could take notes as though someone were dictating them to me as I took them down in shorthand.

Later on at work during my break I wrote the entire package from the notes that I had jotted down, each sentence flowed effortlessly, as though I had been given a gift and all I had to do was unwrap it and enjoy it. I AM.

I'm listening to a lot of Deepak Chopra's guided meditation, as I do I feel a flow of energy that is peaceful, and in tune with the me inside of myself, the me that is love. This Challenge is so different from others I have done in the past, it's not so much about the manifestation of things, but more about inner healing, letting go, peace, surrender, trust and belief. It's the quiet place that I have never really embraced until today. Speaking less, listening more, listening more, listening more....... to my inner voice, more than to my mind voice.

I believe that I will manifest my heart's desires, I believe that I will look back on these 90 days and smile at all that I have become, all that I have discovered, all that I will have done and all that I will do. 

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