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Sometimes it is difficult to see the progress you make because it takes time. In order to create something you need to know what you want to create, and I have always had difficulties formulating what it is I really want in life, or even right now. Two years ago I read somewhere (might have been in Susan Jeffer's book Feel the fear and do it anyway or Bill O'Hanlon's Change 101: Practical Guide to Creating Change) that "wanting" in the sense of being willing to actually DO something to get what you want, is like a muscle you need to exercise. In order to be able to make changes and not be paralyzed by your own excuses or circumstances out of your control, you need to be able to trust your own decisions.

How many times have you decided to do something and not been able to go through with it? A diet, exercise program, studies... The key is to exercise with small things first, like: "I decide today I will drink at least four glasses of water because it is good for me", to do it and thank yourself for having respected your own decision.

I am currently on two weeks of detox for the first time in my life, which would be very easy for me to find excuses not to complete. I do not need to loose weight, I have no apparent skin problems, I am LOUSY at cooking and find it boring, and I rather go dancing after work than go home preparing the next day's lunch. But the thing is, even though I am aware of these excuses, they don't affect me. I have DECIDED to take on this detox and I am 100 % confident I will be able to follow it through. Why is that!? I just talked to two people earlier today about following up on decisions and they both told me that they had problems doing that because they were too lazy. But I have learnt now that it has nothing to do with being lazy, it has to do with respecting your own decisions and making decisions you are comfortable with!

I am so grateful for having discovered that my "decision muscle" has grown so much the past two years and I thank myself for my self-respect:-)

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Comment by Nadjah on April 30, 2010 at 7:23am
I totally agree. I just recently made the decision that I needed to wake up earlier every morning on my own, peacefully, rather than be awaken by my 2 year old screaming "momma!!" lol. I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep up with it but I find myself really happy and looking forward to waking up so early where as before I would cherish every single minute of sleep that I could get. I guess I made a decision that works with what is a priority for me right now.

Have a great day and great 2 weeks detox!

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