The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am just so In the Flow. Everything is happening, yet I am not making anything happen. I don't have the need to be "doing" all the time. I am content and happy knowing that I am on the Right Path. 

I've committed to teaching a small posse of friends at my home studio on a weekly basis. I am really excited to do this, so I can try my own yoga flows out on people :) I am excited for the feedback. 

I've also been accepted into a Level One Empowerment Program at Hotbox Yoga which takes place March 5th - May 15. It is a mentorship program for yoga teachers and it is an amazing opportunity for me especially because it is at a Baptiste-affiliated studio and my yoga certification was from a Baptiste-affiliated studio and I'm thrilled to continue that connection.  :) Also, the studio is 5 minutes from my house, so that's extra nice!

Also, it is required that I practice 4 times a week during the mentorship program, so, if possible, I will sync that with an Ashtanga yoga intro workshop I want to take, which requires 4 days a week for a month. But that period of my life will take a LOT of discipline, because the Ashtanga is at 6 in the morning in Center City and I am still maintaining my singing career, so if it seems like it will all be too crazy with my singing schedule (like, if it's during Holy Week), I'll have to figure something else out, like do the Ashtanga in the summer, when I'm bored off my ass.

In July, I am attending a workshop at Dana Hot Yoga in Glenside about Chair Yoga for Seniors and that is also really exciting for me :) 

Meanwhile, I signed up for an audition for singing and I'm getting tons of last-minute gigs, some of them paying quite a bit and all of them juicy :)

Namaste, my co-creators! Back to my SNOW DAY :)

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