The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 11, Season 6 - Loving myself: Madly in love with me

I'm very excited to finally have found a book that address the issues of loving yourself in a funny way.. I bought it and I'm really happy with the reading so far, many exercises and a web page of the author with meditations and more material that is really exciting!

Louise Hay material is deeper - I'm using it with my obsidian therapy - but this book is fresher, I'm thinking to buy a especial notebook for doing the exercises there and work in my inner child! The author is Christine Arylo.

I have the picture of myself at age of 6 and she is my inner child! I'm so motivated with that..

This season I'm getting help from my life coach in angels, my obsidian therapy and my books and meditations.

2013 is really a start point for loving myself!

Life is God

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