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This injury is really painful! My head hurts all day long. I get sharp pains from the back of my neck all the way down my arms. Feels like a sharp needle being pressed down, deep and strong!!! At times, my face starts to feel numb, like a hundred little ants tingling me, which makes me feel unbalanced. I feel like I am carrying 100 pound weights on my shoulders every day. I still have to come to work, even though I was injured here!!!

Yes, I had an injury at work, yes I am having a really long work week. But this is NOT the story that I choose to tell!!! I refuse!!! I refuse to be consumed with these bad feelings because I know that if a choose to tell this story, only negative things will come my way. I choose the good things in my life. God only puts this situation in my life so that I can CHOOSE to receive what I really want, which is joy, health and hapiness. So, this is what I choose and I KNOW I a deserving of it. 

I am so grateful for my current position in life! The fact of the matter is that I did get injured at work a few months ago. There is pain sometimes (more than than not). I can't focus on this, though. Every time I hurt is an opportunity to get better. The most important fact is that this injury has only given me an opportunity to get better and healthier. Emotionally, it has helped me appreciate everything so much more.Every time I feel pain, I take a deep breath and thank God for all this desire that I have for health and hapiness. I am so grateful for my employment, my family and friends, my lifestyle, my current financial state, and all the wonderful things that arrive each day!

When people that know about my injury as me how I am. I say, "I'm better!" Because, even though I may not be at my best, I REFUSE to say, "I'm not well." I choose to tell everyone a good story, because this is me, I AM BETTER. I don't focus about anything I don't feel good about. I change the coversation and start talking about all the good things in my life. I think this is a powerful tool to use. I find that when I start talking about all the good stuff going on in my life and all the things I am grateful for, I find myself lost in my own little world of joy! When I am in that state of joy, it's like an out of body experience. And when you are out of your body there is no way for you to feel any pain, because this is physical.

Anyhow, I will leave you guys with a little tool I started using these last few days, as they have been physically exhausting. On my daily to do list, I start out with an affirmation/or something I am grateful for. Here's an example:

1. Thank you God for placing me in such a loving environment where I can do my work.

2. Clean office.

3. Thank you God for my employment, the salary I earn and the friendly people I work with.

4. Update HR files.

5.  Thank you God for keeping my head clear so that I can achieve my purpose in life.

6. Train on new sales pitches......etc,

7. .............................And so on and so on. You see the idea.

This helps me stay focused on the good, even when work might get a litte overwhelming. I continue to push myself to stay in the positive light. I choose to contine to feel love, every minute, every hour, every day. It's funny, sometimes people will walk by my office and ask, what I'm smiling about. I just smile because I can't help it! Love is so good!!!

Thank you again for reading this. I wish each you an abundance of health, love and joy!!!


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Comment by Lesli Olsson on January 29, 2011 at 6:47am

Helo Love

What a wonderfull example of positive behaviour!! Like the song say "Everydody hurts sometime". Thank you  for such inspiring words!!!! It gave me a great star to  my writing today, I am twiece energyse now.

Thank you!! Lots of ligh and love



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