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So First of all I want to start this post positively and speak out my deepest gratitude, which I have for the existence of this website and online community! Thank you, my lovely co-creators for being interested in journeying and supporting and sharing with each other.

Unfortunately I had a few really challenging days(which is why i din't do much online). I had been very sensitive, emotional, felt weak and lonesome and at my wits end concerning my relationship that I brought an end to tonight (which was one of my unspoken but dearest goals). I knew it had to happen and it did 3 times before but I was too weak to stick to it. I really hope i can find the strength to pull through this time. Unfortunately him and I will be going to Massage school together for a year and I don't know how that will turn out...

I know that I will be better off alone, but I am afraid to be alone. I have only him who knows me best on this island in the middle of the pacific ocean...

I know this is my choice and it is my healing lesson to learn how to take care of myself in all ways and love and nurture myself...I just really want to manifest some more like-minded people here in my area. I need friends and I don't have anyone right now, who I feel close to...I'm glad that I can write all this down and open myself up in a way and share it...

I wish for an easy, peaceful, light and happy day tomorrow.

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Comment by Alexandra pearce on January 21, 2012 at 7:01am
I hope you heart heals soon. It is never an easy time, but try and tell yourself out of something bad comes something good! You hav listened to yourself and so you must be doing the right thing. Sending you hugs x

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