The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 12 - Letting Go of Resentments

Ah, good morning co-creators!

Today I am setting my intentions on having a positive day. I am letting go of old feelings about people and situations over which I have no control. I am turning my attention to doing the best I can do, and letting the Universe work out what it needs to with others. I am working to the best of my ability and letting go of the results. I'm shaking off a bad night's sleep and looking at today with fresh eyes and a fresh heart. I'm making great strides in my recovery from compulsive eating today, great strides in my work, and great strides with my family. I had a lovely meditation time this morning and I will continue to stop and meditate as needed throughout the day. My Higher Power, God, the Universe, Source, the Spirit, is for me and not against me and all I need to do is RELAX and let go. 

My mantras for today:

I am okay just as I am. Others are okay just as they are.

I am lovable, and capable. I am not alone.

I am ready for my relationships to work, including with myself.

I have nothing to lose, nothing to prove and nothing to hide.

God created me to do great things.

I deserve deep love.

I am strong for myself.

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Comment by Alyssa on October 12, 2015 at 2:05pm
Thanks Sunny Side!
Comment by Sunny Side Up on October 5, 2015 at 10:33pm

Love your goals and aspirations! I need to do the same.


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