The 100 Day Reality Challenge

wow. i can honestly say that every day since i've joined this community my life has gotten better and better.
today was another great day. this morning i woke up without being able to hear with my left ear, i don't know why, i don't have a cold or anything. throughout the day i tried some remedies and stuff which seemed to temporarily work. i'm pretty sure it has something to do with wax getting deep into my ear and not allowing for the vibration of my eardrums. anyways, tonight, my ear is still physically the same, however, my perception has changed: My ear feels great, better!

Since I started focusing much of my time on the Law of Allowing and doing daily meditations sometimes even several times a day, life just Feels easier, like, reallllllllllly easy. i am definitely able to just go with the flow of things without giving resistance to the world, and it is truly indescribable!

Tonight, I contacted my friend Jenn, who I went to college with, i had emailed her last night about my epiphany with Baha'i, and was excited so I called her. I told her my story of what happened, and we could not stop laughing with joy and excitement and just, wow. she went on to tell me that she had an almost seemingly parallel experience to mine when she knew that she was going to join the Baha'i faith. i stayed up really late last night just looking into things and just feeling amazing, like i could meditate forever. she had done the same thing. !!!!! she ALSO had thought about me for last night at around the same time 11:00 or so saying to herself that she wanted to send me (in the mail!) a book about Baha'i. life is so funny! i also have made contacts with the people from around where I am living now who want to meet with me and talk about the faith.

life is so wonderful. tonight was the most amazing heat lightning storm. it passed over my house and continued on its way to visit my friends. water and clouds are so transitory, one day their particles will be over my head, the next day, next hour, next minute, they could be right over your head.. eventually they will be. Much Love to you all and Thanks for listening and existing!


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Comment by Kevin Casey on July 1, 2009 at 10:40pm
thank you thank you thank you so much everyone! you are all helping me along and i praise you for your wishes. much love!

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