The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 12 : Tapping On The Inner Child's Sadness - Season 5


Hi Co-Creators, I am a bit slow catching up with everyones blogs and videos but will do, just allowing full energy to return so I can focus more.


This morning I wrote 2222 WORDS exactly, great number, I could not stop laughing when I did the word count for today. Did a little pilates, realised I am at the computer too much and need more active exercise. So I am going to jazz up my routine and do a couple of pilates sessions a week and power walks the rest of the time.


Not sure if it is all the EFT (EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE), that time of the month, the new moon, the simple fact I am making changes but the energy levels have been dipped the past couple of days so much so today I had to spend another 2 hours in bed sleeping. It's okay as I have the time and I am just letting my body do what it needs as something is going on.


I did some EFT on my inner child today, with the low energy came a real sadness arising in my body, no particular thought or feeling just this need to cry. So I did Brad Yates video he made for children and I really got a lot out of it.



It was wonderful as it allowed the sadness, it acknowledged the sadness it allowed me to deeply accept and nurture my inner child by allowing that part of me to be sad.

After I did this EFT session I was then able to do Brad Yates video called "Shouldn't have more that I need..." here >>

This was a great video, he does a similar one with the jealousy video. I realised I still have residual judgements of people I had been perceiving to have more than they need and in so doing telling myself I I was not allowed more than I need. So I choose plenty and I am using the judgements as a tool in facing how I feel about other people's abundance. Brad helped me realise I have more than I need and the world has not come crashing down, I am not going to hell LOL for having more than I need so it is okay to have plenty and for others too.

While I intellectually know this, old programming still needs working through.

Later I tried to do some Spanish but was falling asleep on my hand so gave up and went back to bed LOL

Happy creating co-creators.

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Comment by Kelly Martin on November 13, 2012 at 9:04am
Thank you Sophie, just shifting energy, all is well xxx appreciate the love and happiness and the same back to you xxx

Thanks Rachel, yes rest in order and would you believe it? I just noticed I posted this blog at 2.22pm UK time LOL OMG

Hi Raizel, you can miss any area out that is not comfortable, I tend to not feel much under my arm and just spend longer on other areas. Also you can tap the side of the thumb, fingers etc et.. I will try and dig out a full eft chart later today so you have more options. Hugs and thanks heaps for the energy xxxx plus you can't get it wrong with tapping, so many accupressure points in the body and hope get a lot out of it xxx
Comment by Raizel on November 12, 2012 at 6:52pm

Sending some energy your way! It's amazing that you consistently keep producing a good amount of words even though you're feeling low on energy. And there's nothing wrong with taking a refreshing nap if you're able to do that :) I tried a few of the EFT videos, the only issue I have with it is that I don't feel very comfortable tapping on my chin area because that's an area where I tend to break out, so I end up having all these distracting thoughts about spreading the bacteria... is there any alternative location one could do instead of the chin?

Comment by Rachel M on November 12, 2012 at 5:02pm

It's amazing how far you have come. Your energy is also getting used up with all the work you are doing on yourself, so you are totally right in having a sleep :) Well done on the 2222!! xx

Comment by Sophie COLAS on November 12, 2012 at 4:31pm
Dear Kelly,
I hope you fell better tomorrow. I send you all the love and happiness that I have.

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