The 100 Day Reality Challenge

We all have them, after a night out of drinking, you get this.

Well what can i say, last night at was the most humilating game i have ever played, a final score of

3 - 20

We played the top team however usually we can put up a fight and keep the scoreline respectable but this time they let rip in the first 2 quarters and by then we just went "guys, dont even try just have fun and enjoy yourselves"

We ended up having a great game and left with smiles on our faces despite that loss.

after that it was time to head out and what a COLD NIGHT, horrible but all in all had a great night and topped it all off with drama drama drama!, great night shame it had to end.

today however, i woke up tired, hung over...punishment for what i did to my body of course, followed on with a linen party which in the end was not that bad and came to support my friend, ended up buying myself a nice quilt set and that shall look good for my room when the move comes along.

followed by meeting 2 new people who were really great, just listening to their stories and simple chatting, did that for about 2 hours before we all left and now here i am!

a shame i forgot was actually going to do that youtube thing where you record what went on during the day and post it on youtube for that movie they are making, a documentary about people all over the world on the same day showing us what they do in a normal day, and what ended up being a great day, failed to simply record it on a video camera....could have been in a movie :P

However that was not to be and i can live from a simple movie......i enjoyed myself and that is what to catch up on my sleep and be ready for....a nice boring sunday!!!

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