The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 13 - Love Reality and the time of transition... mega confusion after watching this documentary

Two days ago, i received a link to a documentary.  It was 77 minutes long and it turned me upside down and inside out. It made me question everything i believe and question everything i am doing to open my heart raise my vibration of love and make a better life for myself.

I felt myself spiralling into a space of self doubt. doing this challenge helped me have some direction, some game plan so to speak and now suddenly i felt silly for doing my practises, felt i was taking the easy way out and not doing the hard work. I felt i was kidding myself that these practises would bring both a deep change in myself and as i intend,  to be part of a changing of my world.

I could not do my practises yesterday, i lost my confidence that this was the path.

Today i decided that while im still very confused, i know that doing my practises makes a difference in my day, makes a difference to how i feel. i feel i am taking action, taking responsibility for my hapiness and so i will continue on my way, will continue to beleive that this challenge can make a real difference to my life.

i would really apreciate some discussion on this documentary, some feedback on what you all think.

blessings and light to you all. N

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Comment by LADY LOVELY NADIA on January 17, 2012 at 7:32am

and why did you kept on watching for 77 minutes something that was bothering you and making feel bad?

"thanks" for the link but  am not gonna watch it, I  only give focus and attention on what can be inspiring,

and will make us feel better, peace.

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