The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 13


Today was amazing. Just a cool day, you know. I did some quick grocery shopping( actually getting outside, taking in the cold air), and i had a vision of my partner getting 5 new clients today, and later in the afternoon, he told me he got 5 new clients for his business---I told him I saw him doing that today---Amazing right! ....what else...., I have written out some steps on some goals I desire to accomplish, and Im excited that this idea had came through since starting my challenge, and now Im creating steps and organizing things to do it and make it happen! --also its becoming daily practice of marketing my business which is great, and realizing the importance of it for my company, Vedic Image Group . I also worked on my vision boards, Im doing a few individual ones under titles because I want to zone in on the target. So I worked on ME, my personal board-- and I realized how we take our selves for granted. Each picture I looked at I had to say its cool Im doing me and its a great thing. And on every picture i cut out, I wrote my name on it and owned it--- you get what I'm saying. so that was great learning for myself. And, this morning, I listened to some surahs, which I havent done in a long time, and it was beautiful recitations that I used as a meditation. so I think I will add that to my morning ritual on my journey. :)


That's all for now. sending love and light your way and on all your goals.....



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