The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 13, Season 1 – Our lives, our terms!

One thing that’s really great about my 100 day challenge is that I’ve enlisted my husband and kids in our vision of what we want. We’re all in agreement that we want to buy and move onto a 40ish foot sailing catamaran and travel the world. We decided a while back that when we travel, we don’t want to just visit a place and see it. We want to put down an anchor and really live on a place, participating in its culture and getting to know the people. We’re just not satisfied being tourists because we don’t feel you can really get to the heart of a place that way. So, the plan is to create a life on board our boat and live in all the places we’ve always wanted to discover and stay as long as we like. Luckily, when you bring your home with you wherever you go, it can really reduce your living expenses so it’s not so far fetched that we’d be able to do this for at least a few years on much less than we make due with currently.

Our boys (6 and almost 8) are already a bit familiar with adventure and look forward to a life of exploration of new places as much as we do. One of the things that makes me super confident that this will come to pass is A) whenever my husband and I have made our mind up about something like this, it’s come to pass so I already know the law of attraction works (I just didn't know what it was before) B) not only am I’m manifesting our dream but I have my whole family on board (literally - haha) and C) I believe children are the most powerful of all of us to manifest what they want. Particularly in our case where my children know that our life is what we make of it. My boys are already homeschooled because they (and I) were unsatisfied with the education they were getting in school. One of the teachers described it perfectly “your boys are both outliers” which I suspect she may have meant as an insult but which I take as a superb compliment.

Our lives, our terms! Making the transition from living a “normal” and “expected” life to living the life we create has been an interesting journey for us. We’ve made a lot of mistakes and I feel like the law of attraction revealed itself to me at exactly the right time. Thank you Lilou!

Be happy!

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