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Hey CCOR!! thank you jilly for all your wonderful comments I really appreciate it I find this group so inspiring!! all your comments Jilly are awesome! Thanks so much. I had a woooonderfully rich weekend with some of my very best friends in the whole world, it was one of those nights that just must have been planned 100 years ago it was so awesome! We went back to the little farm town where we are from and partied like rock stars in rock star style and it just felt like we triumphed over everything and anything that ever kept us down there, I have been really trying to manifest some good times with old friends, and BOY did I get it. had the BEST time.  AND it was one of those "full circle" kinda experinces where you just cant believe that 100 years ago it felt like all was lost..clearly...." the best was yet to come" and I know that in my life my life is just getting better and better, i cant believe ( ohh...but i can) that the best is yet to come. It will be so much better than even I could dream up. I think this last weekend was just a taste. Cocreating in full effect here. to work monday today, notices that after so much fun i dont wanna do much else but laugh and giggle with friends, but I HAVE To go back to work ( abraham hicks says you shouldn't do anything that changes your vibration...what would they say about this?) So at this point i am stretching out my vortex and saying...i intend to always laugh and smile, ( even if its on the inside) friends may not get to come and really laugh with me at work, but i can think about things that make me happy, i can mentally list off things i am gratefully rise my vibration, sometimes i have to start slow so it doesn't feel like a chore. i still use my index cards to help me. Tonight I am taking it easy. gonna take a bath, catch up on sleep, take care of my body, listen to my body, be grateful for my body, my life, and always remember that yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery but that today is a gift ( the present) this is my mantra lately!





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