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An old friend we went to see tonight made me feel very emotional tonight. He's 49, had a brain operation following a cancer, and he had lots of troubles...but soon after, his girlfriend got pregnant (which is a miracle cause he was so frail and recovering!) and now, a year after, he's feeling better, and has a 4 months old lovely baby daughter. He said something I will always cherish: "if I had been a single man, on my own, I would have never survived. My girlfriend supported me all the way, and my baby gave me the strenght to LIVE again, and love my life"

I think it's amazing, and so true. He said sometimes he's so moved by his little baby girl, that he cant even put it into words and finds it really hard to communicate. So he wrote a letter to her, which says "you brought me back to life, and I'll always be there for you!". And I think this is LOVE, PURE LOVE. GRATEFULNESS, AND HOPE.

This is real life. Real pain. Real Love. I am so grateful for my life and my health my family and my LOVE.

Bless you, Carlo and your miracle baby. xxx

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Comment by Luiza Frazao on February 3, 2011 at 8:29am

Thank you, Ellie, for sharing this wonderfull story with us!

Bless you too


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