The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 14- Everything was going smoothly until DIM SUM OR COFFEE!!!!

The the recent gasness and bloating....i felt good. Family time....had a great weekend...and time spent with friends and their kids...Volleyball practice to play in a fun tournament with capes that I made.....AND BAM!!!!HEADACHES!!!

I haven't had headaches in a long time. Is the Dim Sum? Is it coffee?

What did I have a dim sum....steamed shrimp dumplings, steamed pork dumplings, mushroom rice wrap, shrimp paste egg plant *which has this sauce, a bite of shrimp spring roll as i dropped the other half in my hot water....basically it told me not to eat it, a few radish cakes with the XO sauce (hummm), and the last but not least the is noodle which I KNOW HAD SOYA SAUCE!!! EVIL!!!!! :( So sad. I guess 1 table spoon of evil in my dim sum. :( That leaves me felling sick. OR the Americano Misto with soy. Oh caffine, that hates me to.

I was good to have warm water when i woke up...ginger and lemon for my throat since i didn't feel well last week.

My blood pressure is at 140/69. Oh goodness.

Time for bed.


FYI: Volleyball was the best part. My purple outfit with my cape. Purple superwoman!

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