The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm seeing results and they are coming easly. This season is all about health...healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit as they are so interconnected. I've been going to this program to help me with my depression and finally came across someone who called me out on a behavior I was unaware of but could be a big piece of the puzzle. It was difficult to hear and process, I had a bad headach afterwards but I believe this is going to be huge!


I'm not drawn so strongly to junkfood recently. I've been content to stop when my stomach is full. I've been content to walk away when I have a thought about junkfood. I also haven't been hard on myself for having a candy here or there.


I'm also feeling closer and more comfortable with my spirituality. Free to explore it.


I got a text  from a friend I hadn't heard from in a while someone I'm shy around but like to be around. Someone very kind to me and I can't seem to understand why. I've shared alot with him despite feeling shy. Anyway I'm glade he reached out to me and I'm suprised how our paths have crossed again and again since we were kids.


I'm thankful for finding an awesome meditation video that releases the knots in my shoulders.

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