The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 14, Season 11, I am going to make the best of things!

Dear all,

It is said people show us who they are but we want to look for who we want them to be. I have been listening to Abraham a lot lately and one of the things that stayed with me was precisely this, people will show you the side you ask for. Basically, through our grid work, we are setting forth certain vibrations. Now, everyone has a lot of characteristics. But depending on your vibrations, this person will show you the characteristics you are asking for.

I have been in some sort of experiment off late. I had attracted one person in my life, fallen in love with him, and now it seems like I am losing those vibrations. Something in me tells me, this just needs a bit of re alignment. I know I probably can't make someone love me if they don't want to. But he has been a great eye opener for me in I don't know how many years. I saw things in myself I didn't know I had. I had to develop so much patience to be with him which was a good thing actually. But I'll have to admit I had to do focus so much on ME! I kept doing that, he came back in my life and now again seems like I am losing him. After ages, I had begun to like someone the way I did with him. And so once again, I will re start my experiment. The art of deliberate creation! In any ways, I would like to believe I am getting closer and closer to my soulmate. If its not him, maybe its a sign my ideal partner is just around the corner and I am attracting more and more people like him. And maybe my ideal partner would be the best of all of them. Lets see ;)

I am loving this experiment. Wish me luck co creators! Picked up from one of abhraham's videos my latest mantra: I am going to make the best of things!

Love and light,


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