The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I want my website to be a proper informative guide to the mass of self-help info out there - not just a load of links, but actually providing real information. My plan to put 100 hours work into the site is coming along nicely: seven hours in, and a workable structure has emerged for arranging it, with a number of main subject areas, each of which then has resources indexed under it. At the moment I've got a framework for four main subject areas (Relax & De-stress; Losing weight; Getting fit; Self discovery) and I need to start adding content in those. I don't know what other subject areas might be worthwhile - "Learn a skill" might be a good one, but then again it might need to be broken down into smaller areas. "Raising happy kids" is one that a lot of people might appreciate, though I can't claim any knowledge in that area myself. Anyway, these are basically just "thinking aloud" ideas. It might all change completely.

Still, good progress so far. I feel like the groundwork is going really well and according to my 100-hour plan, I've still got 93 hours to knock this thing into proper shape. Should be a breeze!

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