The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Life is such a roller coaster ride isnt it!  Two days ago i felt so rubbish and disheartened, and today i feel really fabulous!  Thank you from my heart co creators for all the love and support and the honest caring feedback you've offered over the past few days. It really has made  a difference to my mood and optimism, its so helpful to hear others opinions on things. Im so grateful to you all thank you.

Today i did all my practises, the meditations, the affirmations, the gratitude journaling, the pilates, the bike riding and now my blog post... a successful day indeed.

Making time for writing my ebook, has not yet made it to the top of my list yet, but its ok, little steps .... my practises now have daily space in my life, including exercising and im on the way to making another baby  so its all good.

Its really helpful to keep looking back at my  goals and intentions, it keeps me on track, keeps me focussed and keeps me enthusiastic about my process and the changes i am making in my life. 

love you , love me, love life 

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