The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 15 of Season 5: Start hearing about my passions

This season my main concern is "to love myself". 

The Louise Hay group is being very helpful for this purpose. I'm working on the book "you can heal your life" and it has been very helpful.

Yesterday I had the starting of my second level of science of mind - from Ernst Holmes, and it is so powerful!! I love being student of these teachings, I'm going to work on meditation and spiritual treatments during the week. I will work especially with a spiritual journal so this is going to be very interesting!!

I'm connecting more with my angels and divinity. I started as well a journal writing my questions to them about different situations that worry me and I always receive positive and encouraging messages. This journal just pulled me from the store, the cover is so beautiful, it has the spirit of flight on it. Really love it!

It is so nice to start paying attention on my inner voice: I actually got a very powerful signal: I got my business coach!! To start working on real in my biz project! I'm so happy for that!! I feel really positive about the experience and I want to pay attention to my inner voice more and more.

Life is good!!  Life is God

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