The 100 Day Reality Challenge

After 15 days of physically activity each day with not a lot of rest, my body is crying for help. Can my body handle the physically activiyt I put it in? I have pushed myself before and over and over again. I fight back but the pain never goes away. I need to keep at it. I need to find balance. I need to let go of the fear of what I may think of myself.
I had a wellness fair today for my grade 8's. I saw some of the fun times some of them were having and saw some of the "OMG, do I have to be here, this is so lame" looks. All have fear in them. All have something to offer, yet some are crying for help. It's a scary world to live in.
I share one of my stories to my leaders about my experinece of heart health. My story of when I got my period. An embarssing story, but a story most students i see may have gone through and I help and support them. It's a great feel...and for be able to support youth in what they can accomplish. Be proud of who I am and be the best I can be for the community I live in. Althought in pain, I've accomplished a lot today. I'm proud of my day today. The 12 hour day was worth it. But now, the sleep will be worth it. :)

My exercise today is walking around from 7am to 7pm on my feet. A good rest day.

Thanks C........ for encouraging me to blog. It really puts into persective of my thoughts and feelings and to be brave. It's a way to be honest with myself and self accountability. It's all about how much you are true to of the questions we asked the grade 8's is "How much do you love yourself" and with that, my answer today it an 8. :) I accept myself. :)

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