The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 16 and 17 Season 4 : Great evening with friends

Had great fun on Friday. Some friends came down for dinner. I cooked balsamic beef with spinach, potatoes and peas. Was lovely - and of course we washed it down with a few bottles of cava. It was fun to have a relaxing evening with friends.

We are out tonight with some friends. We are going to an indian restaurant called Lazzat in Vigo village. It is a lovely place and we have been a few times before. We are going to celebrate a friends birthday and so it will be great to see him and our other friends.

We have decided that we want to buy a bigger house on the island. It will be really cool to be able to get a larger one so that we will be able to focus on having a family. That will be really nice. I am sure that the deal will work out and we have an estate agent coming around to value our place tomorrow.

I have spent a bit of time today tidying the music room downstairs. It is now much better organised and tidied. I will definitely want to spend some more time in there in future (obviously until we sell our house).

I am excited about the Lotto tonight. I am sure that we are going to will with our ticket. I am totally convinced. I will come home, look on the internet and my heart will skip a beat as i read out 3 numbers, then 4, then 5 then 6 and then the bonus! Amazing - got it!!! We will buy the new house on Monday when we win.

The guy who looks after my mx5 came down earlier. He brought with him a new battery. I had ruined the previous one, so he brought me a replacement. I am grateful for that because I will be able to go for a drive in the mx5 tomorrow when the weather will be lovely.

Bought a couple of magazines yesterday. Got runner's and men's health. I intend to subscribe to both of them. They have great tips in them to help me with my fitness drive!

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