The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Its been a long holiday weekend in Vancouver so have not really had a chance to get to my posts and the video posts for some reason have been not working well although i much prefer to make videos. I will get that together working well for my next post and future post.

I have been in and out of emotions from feeling amazing to feeling completely like a loser. This is something I am very conscious of all the time, my emotions, and to tell you the truth it drives me crazy sometimes. I want to just let go completely. i want to flow down the river as much as possible, be in the vortex as Abraham says. So ffrom this day until my next post I am going to really just allow myslef to do what makes me feel good. Flowing flowing flowing.

Right now I am supposed to be on holidays as much as I possibly can. I want to really allow myself to let go and enjoy. There is really nothing I have to concern myslef with, it will all get done.

I recently received a message from a friend who completed a massive theatrical production, whether I had any ideas about how they could move forward with the play. Really nice to hear this from them as I hold them in high regards artistically and creatively. They are a couple who have created amazing things in their life and here he is asking for my advice!

Just writing that I rrealize that I still have the problem of not holding myself in very high regard.

I am a very creative, forward-moving successful person. I have to know that and understand that very clearly. People come to me for information and help. People come to me with money to pay for my expertise and my knowledge. People pay me very well for what I offer and I can live very well from the money i make. I love what I do, it is fun and rewarding and successful. I travel and meet all sorts of amazing creative fun people all over the world who need my help and want my help. I feel strong and confident and ready to allow all these things into my life with open loving arms.

That felt good!

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