The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Ah yes. This is Day 16. I just looked through a few blog posts, it's so great to have this community here. I was going back and forth between email and facebook a few minutes ago, started to get a little bored and with a lower vibe, and then remembered that I can come HERE! I love, love this.

What I am mostly doing with this challenge so far is to just "know" that I signed up to do it. And that I have committed to myself not to let myself go into the yuck places for very long. I am catching myself more quickly. Sometimes it feels fake or surreal to be constantly keeping up these good vibes, but I guess practice makes perfect. Or, it's just good to practice!

What have I manifested so far? This is actually an interesting question. Does a manifestation have to be physical proof? Sometimes. Sometimes not, I suppose. I am manifesting a better attitude on a daily basis, which isn't really physical. BUT, the physical things that I have manifested so far are:

Being in my first ever craft fair with a kick-ass display!
A few sales of magnets and cards!
40 email addys for Pretty Positives!
A fantastic gathering with my family and friends at my place and studio
Another opportunity to display Pretty Positives at Moonheart
More magnet and mobile sales
Lots of helpful angels in shops and on the streets
A free massage
A place to display the PP's in Tampa
Lots of smiles and compliments
Gift money
comfy insoles for my shoes
someone to take care of my kitty while I am away
getting my extra passport pages and visa is super-quick time
more inquiries about PP's
there is probably A LOT more.. I am just starting to realize! And it's so nice to notice!


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