The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Sleep feels so good sometimes especially when your body needs it. I can't wait to sleep more. I rested, but am I fully rested. What does that feel like! :) I guess when people say you have a glow on your face, that is when i'm well rested. teehee. :)
It was a quite day today with my event over. Now on to the next. One and a time. No rush. In due time, it will all work itself out. I'm not worried. :)
I'm content. I feel great to be able to take it easy. My knee is recovering and even so, i did a mini workshop at the Oval. Wow. Ambitious. But I did it, with a reward of a great yummy meal. Beef brisket with rice noodles and Thai Tom yum. Reminded me of Thailand. Reminded me of traveling. Where to next! Oh, to my best friend's house in Nelson. :) I can't wait. Until next travels and time off. So ready. :)

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